Tinker Fanless Aluminum Case

    Tinker Fanless Aluminum Case

    Fanless Aluminum Case with hassle-free installation

    • Fanless design
    • Hassle-free installation with a single thumb screw, requiring no extra tools
    • High peripheral expandability, with dedicated ports for camera, DSI panel, and other wired peripherals
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      Fanless Design

      Heat dissipation is a crucial factor for Tinker Board to achieve its most powerful performance. This fanless aluminum case is ideal to conduct and dissipate heat, ensuring Tinker Board has a top-notch performance.

      Hassle-free Installation

      Metallic cases usually require a screwdriver for installation, but this hassle-free case is easy to assemble, and can be fastened with only a thumb screw – no tools required.

      High Peripheral Expandability

      Expanding your Tinker Board with a camera, DSI panel, or other wired peripherals, is also easy with a series of dedicated I/O ports.