EZ Update Introduction

EZ Update is a utility that can automatically update software of motherboard , drivers and BIOS easily.

With this utility, you can also manually update the BIOS and select the boot logo that displays during POST.



Launching EZ Update

To launch EZ Update, click on the top-right corner of the AI Suite 3 main menu, then select EZ Update. 


Using EZ Update


1. Click to automatically update driver of motherboard , software and firmware

2. Click to search and select the BIOS file

3. Click to select a boot logo

4. Click to update the BIOS


Manually update the BIOS and selecting a boot logo

1. Click to search an image file for your boot logo

2. Click to go back to EZ Update main screen

3. Click to update the BIOS and boot logo


After you click BIOS Update button, click Flash to update the BIOS and upload the boot logo in your system.