Asus Republic Of Gamers Tournament

    Terrorists have invaded our country, a beehive of them. They are on the streets with the most sophisticated weapons on earth. They are ruthless, inhumane with one goal in mind total destruction of anything and anyone who crosses their path. You have being recalled and selected to join an elite squad to stop the terrorists from taking control of the city. Your primary weapon the M4, Air support depending on level we have the majestic B2 bomber or the Apache helicopter, that’s enough air power to wipe out an entire country. Watch out for mines and the lone ranger snipers hidden on the roof top.

    Come join us this Saturday on the 8th at Sarit Centre for Asus Republic of Gamers Tournament at 11 am and check how good you are in Call Of Duty; Modern Warfare 3. We have four teams:

    • Ninja clan,
    • Plus Ultra gaming,
    • Bandits
    • Scope.
    • Team work is essential as you navigate the torturous street, No man is left behind. Like Pegasus the winked horse in greek mythology, this task requires wisdom, knowledge, skill and lots of firepower. Soldier this is your call of duty, service to your country. Kill as many terrorists as you can to unlock new levels and get as many rewards as you can to unlock a diverse range of abilities.

      We will be showcasing our latest Asus Republic of Gamers hardware which are pretty awesome as they enhance your gaming experience, battles are displayed on screen in high definition and the bass sound is out of this world.

      It’s a fun filled day so leave the suit behind put on that coloured T-shirt you so love and join the republic.

      Can you dance, break a leg? Come show us your dance moves. Turn, twist hop in our dancing competition for awesome giveaways.

      Halloween comes early for us gamers, do you have that comic gear you have being dying to try out. We have a cosplay fashion show.

      The hunt is on.