ASUS proudly sponsors programs and initiatives that benefit communities around the world. These efforts represent another way that ASUS honors our brand promise as we strive to provide a joyful digital life to people everywhere.
ASUS International Volunteer Program
ASUS supports hundreds of employee volunteers each year, as they participate in philanthropic initiatives in countries such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Tanzania. Assistance is based on local needs, and volunteers provide support in various ways, including:
  • teaching basic computer software skills;
  • hosting cultural exchange activities;
  • tutoring students across a range of subjects.
PC Recycling for a Brighter Future
ASUS has joint ventures with qualified local recyclers to help recycle e-waste worldwide. In 2016, ASUS recycled approximately 11 million kilograms of e-waste, representing 12.21% of the total volume of products sold in the same time frame.
Spreading Technology Around the World
ASUS continues to donate refurbished and new notebooks to remote schools throughout the world, in an effort to help bridge the digital divide by providing e-learning opportunities everywhere.
Digital Access for Everyone
Since 2009 ASUS has been working with key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and nongovernmental organizations to establish digital learning centers in developing countries around the world. We have already established more than 100 centers in countries across Southeast Asia and Central and South America.