ASUS Announces New World Records for Fastest 2P Server Performance


    ASUS achieved the world-record computing performance results with the RS720-E9 rack server and TS700-E9 tower server based on the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 processor. RS720-E9 gained four 2P world records for compute-intensive applications with the SPEC CPU® 2017 benchmark, including SPECint 2017 rate and SPECfp 2017 rate. Additionally, TS700-E9 holds four 2P world records for compute-intensive applications with the SPEC CPU2017 benchmark, including SPECfp 2017 and SPECfp 2017. These two winnin


    ASUS Announces Intel Mehlow Platform Workstation Products


    ASUS, the leading IT Company in server systems, server motherboards, workstations and workstation motherboards today announced new workstation products built upon the latest Intel® Mehlow platform, including the WS C246 PRO and WS C246M PRO motherboards, and the E500 G5 and E500 G5 SFF workstations. The Intel Mehlow platform offers up to a 50% performance improvement on multi-threaded workloads, enhancing overall system performance compared to the previous platform. The Intel Mehlow platform al

    ASUS Provides AI Development Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Services for National AI Project in Taiwan


    ASUS has over 20 years of experience in server and workstation production, expertise creating and managing cloud services, and experience developing AI software and customized hardware, making the company well positioned to create world-class AI infrastructure. In the new era of digital transformation brought about by the maturation of AI technology, ASUS has proposed 'ABC' — AI, big data, cloud computing — and IoT models to provide the best infrastructure and applied field solutions needed

    ASUS Announces H370 Mining Master Motherboard


    Mining is a numbers game; it's only worthwhile if the value of the generated cryptocurrency exceeds the cost of producing it. Increasing the number of graphics cards per node is a great way to stack the deck for the best results. Typical mining setups feature a common PCIe® riser design with each graphics card being connected via a PCIe x1 link routed over a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface with a SATA power cable. The risers responsible are usually made up of three pieces: the x16 slot that hosts the gr

    ASUS Middle East Announces Server & WorkStation GPU Solutions


    Best to mention that ASUS ESC4000/FDR G2 servers form the heart of the SANAM high-performing computing (HPC) cluster, a joint supercomputing project for national-level scientific research designed by Germany's Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) and the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia.

    ASUS Publishes First Environmental Profit and Loss Report


    ASUS today announced the publication of its first environmental profit and loss (EP&L) report. Done in collaboration with global consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan, the EP&L report allows ASUS to thoroughly evaluate the direct and indirect environmental impacts of its corporate actions and entire supply chain, identify any hotspots that need to be addressed, and serve as an example for other companies.

    ASUS Announces AREZ Graphics Card Brand


    MaxContact is an industry-first GPU cooling technology featuring an enhanced copper heat-spreader that directly contacts the GPU. MaxContact utilizes precision machining to provide a 10X-flatter surface for up to 2X more contact area with the GPU than traditional heat spreaders, resulting in improved thermal transfer. Select AREZ graphics cards are also constructed with up to 40% more heatsink surface area than previous dual-slot designs, further improving heat dissipation for dramatically coole

    ASUS Launches AMD X470 Series Motherboards


    AMD's Ryzen revival promises faster performance than the previous generation, and the abundance of models with unlocked multipliers gives users the freedom to push beyond stock speeds. Even with the luxury of unlocked multipliers, CPU overclocking is limited by cooling and the individual characteristics of each chip. With a single click, the 5-Way Optimization utility accounts for both by automatically tuning fans and testing the limits of the CPU. Its integrated intelligence finds the maximum s

    ASUS Becomes the World's First Company to Receive UL Environment's Circularity Facts Program Validation


    For the validation of ASUS, UL examined the circular economy material flows of a laptop and desktop computer and the facility where they were refurbished. ASUS supplied waste diversion data for one year of operations, demonstrated the quantity of recycled or refurbished component content in the products, and worked with third party labs to assess the recyclability of products. These lab reports, including recyclability rates, were then provided to UL Environment.

    ASUS Announces H370, B360 and H310 Series Motherboards


    Every build and user is different, so ASUS has developed a deep lineup across ROG Strix , TUF Gaming and Prime lines. While each family has distinct aesthetics and personalities, all three draw from core ASUS DNA that has been carefully refined over nearly 30 years of making motherboards. Signature features can be found throughout, from DIGI+ VRM circuitry that delivers reliable power to the CPU, to OptiMem trace routing that improves memory signaling, resulting in increased stability and perfor

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Strix Flare


    ROG Strix Flare is currently offered with four different Cherry MX RGB switch types — red, blue, brown and black —to deliver the precise mechanical feel and responsiveness demanded by gamers. The keyboard also features 100% anti-ghosting technology with N-key rollover to ensure all keystrokes are registered reliably, no matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously.