About ASUS

    “ASUS aims to create a better world for everyone through top-notch, eco-friendly 3C products. With Green ASUS, we hope to blend technology, innovation and environmental sustainability for a cleaner, greener earth for all to live.”
    - Jonney Shih, Chairman, ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

    Green ASUS: It’s Easy to Be Green.

    As the preeminent company in the new digital era and the foremost champion of environmentally sustainable computing, ASUS is leading the way toward alleviating the impact of computing on the environment, proving that the demands of modern computer use can be reconciled with the need to preserve the Earth—especially when a green mentality has become deeply ingrained in the company’s culture. This collective green consciousness has a name: Green ASUS.

    Green ASUS was officially launched in 2000, even before the RoHS directive took effect. Green ASUS is more than just about providing green products that comply with legal directives. It is a company-wide vision driven from the top down, involving all of ASUS’ functional units and product business units. Green ASUS relentlessly strives to achieve the “Four Green Home Runs”—Green Design, Green Manufacturing, Green Procurement and Green Services and Marketing—overseen by a steering committee led by the Chairman of ASUSTek Computer Inc., Jonney Shih.

    Green ASUS has greatly benefitted consumers and the environment at large. Government bodies and independent agencies have been quick to acknowledge this. In 2007, ASUS was recognized as a “highly environmental friendly company” in the Computers and Peripherals Industry by Oekom research AG. In October 2008, 9 EPEAT Gold Awards were conferred on ASUS products, making ASUS the first Taiwanese IT brand to qualify for this prestigious award. ASUS also enjoys a spot in history as the first leading notebook brand to be awarded with EU Flower certification. For more information on these achievements and a transparent exposition of ASUS’ green initiatives, please visit http://green.asus.com.