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BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a fast-growing phenomenon set to revolutionise the way children are educated in Australia. Under this increasingly popular model, students are given the freedom to bring to the classroom privately owned, wi-fi enabled, portable electronic devices already available at home. Advantages for students include; increased engagement and ownership of the learning process, a more personalised learning experience, and a genuine ongoing collaboration between school and home environments. BYOD is critical in the digital evolution of Australian schools and encourages young people to use the digital technologies they are successfully using in the ‘real world’ to enhance their learning in the classroom. ASUS knows that technology plays an integral role in modern learning. ASUS also understands that different educational stages demand different technology, so we offer a range of lightweight, portable and powerful devices to suit primary, secondary and tertiary students’ needs – both at school and at home. Read on to discover how ASUS can help students, parents and school technology managers navigate the BYOD revolution.

The notice for users with devices with Windows 10 Pro Education pre-installed:
Windows 10 Anniversary Update*

*This device was built for academic use and will automatically be updated to Windows 10 Pro Education with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Features vary; see for Windows 10 Pro Education feature information.

  • K-12

    When researching a BYOD purchase, it’s important to consider how your child will use the device and what their individual needs will be throughout their educational journey.

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  • Higher Education

    With early mornings spent engaged in lectures or finishing off assignments, through to afternoons at work and evenings catching up with friends, it’s important that your computer that can keep up with your busy lifestyle!

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  • ICT Manager

    When recommending new devices for the classroom, it’s important to have a checklist of requirements that will ensure your students are supported and the computers perform as needed

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  • Tech Tips – Child Proof Your Computer

    Mum’s Delivery tech tips, Loraine teaches us how to child proof your computer.

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