ASUS Announces H81-Gamer

    ASUS today announced H81-Gamer, a new Intel ® H81 chipset-based ATX gaming motherboard ready for the latest 4th- andnew 4th-generation Intel Core ™ , Pentium ® and Celeron ® processors and engineered with many ASUS-exclusive innovations to fulfil gamers' desire for fun.

    H81-Gamer is equipped with high-speed Intel Gigabit Ethernet networking for lag-free onlinegaming, exclusive SupremeFX technology for flawless gaming audio and exclusive Gamer's Guardian components for exceptional durability and reliability. It also includes the ASUS-exclusive AI Suite 3 software to enable gamers to push their fun even further.

    Fun-filled gaming audio

    H81-Gamer is engineered with ASUS-exclusive SupremeFX technology, so gamers enjoy near-lossless audio with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 115dB — bringing every sound detail to life.

    The advanced SupremeFX audio chipset is isolated from electromagnetic interference (EMI) by a protective shield, preserving the integrity of the audio signals. Exclusive ‘red-line shielding' horizontally separates H81-Gamer's audio components from the rest of the motherboard. This unique combination effectively eliminates analog interference to ensure flawless sound quality. Premium ELNA ® audio capacitors are added to the mix to deliver a warmer, natural sound to complete the audio experience.

    SupremeFX also has a built-in amplifier that drives high-quality headphones — all the way up to 300ohm impedance — enabling H81-Gamer to deliver audio output that's as great as a dedicated sound card.

    Fun-filled gaming networking

    H81-Gamer powers fulfils online-gaming fun with Intel Gigabit Ethernet. This advanced networking technology has the advantage of communicating directly with Intel processors to offer exceptionally-high networking throughput, lowering overall processing demands and improving efficiency — releasing more power for games and gameplay. Using independent network-assessment tools, ASUS engineers calculated that Intel Gigabit Ethernet technology deals with the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) data packets that are vital for responsive gaming up to two times (2X) faster than competing gaming-LAN technologies.

    Protected play with Gamer's Guardian components

    H81-Gamer does more than fulfil gamers' fun — the new motherboard offers exceptional real-world protection with high-quality, highly-durable Gamer's Guardian components.

    Gamer's Guardian includes onboard resettable fuses that protect the connection ports and DRAM against overcurrent and short-circuit damage, while exceptionally high-quality, Japanese-made 10K black-metallic capacitors offer greater temperature endurance and improved longevity.

    Gamer's Guardian ESD Guards on the USB ports, audio connectors and Ethernet (LAN) port ensure that H81-Gamer is actively protected against sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD). The result is that the components last much longer.

    H81-Gamer also has the ASUS-exclusive Digi+ VRM (voltage-regulator module) to enhance performance, increase efficiency and ensure reliability, and a stainless-steel back input/output (I/O) panel that's chromium-plated and corrosion-resistant to last up to three times (3X) longer than traditional panels.

    Even more fun with AI Suite 3

    H81-Gamer includes AI Suite 3, an ASUS-exclusive dashboard-style control panel that lets players fine-tune almost every aspect of H81-Gamer-based systems for the best balance between performance, stability and efficiency — all via a simple and intuitive interface.