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Win a Limited Edition ROG Suitcase and Receive a Bonus ROG Pin and ROG Lanyard.


Purchase a selected 2019 “Powered by Asus” PAX Gaming PC at one of our PBA Partners for a chance to WIN a limited edition ROG suitcase.

Plus, EVERY eligible entry will receive a bonus ROG lanyard with a 2019 ROG pin.

Redeem Now!
Event time:2019/10/11~2019/12/31

Promotion Highlight
Promotion Period: 11 October 2019 ~ 31 December 2019
Last day of redemption on ASUS promotion site: 10 January 2020
Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions

Please enter the Asus motherboard serial number in the “Product serial number”
​Please upload “Powered By ASUS – PAX PC” sticker photo on the PC chassis under “Product serial number” upload section.


Eligible "Powered by Asus" PCs

PBA resellers "Powered by Asus" System
Capitol Computer FORCEPRIME PK65 Gaming Desktop System PINK PAX Special
Centre Com 'MARS 2070 Super' Gaming System
  'Thunder 2060 Super' Gaming System
  'Alpha 2060 Super' Gaming System
  'Zero 2070 Super' Gaming System
JW Computers GMR TUF 2080 Super Gaming PC
  GMR Cobalt 5700XT Gaming PC
MSY Technology M.SPEC Vitraya 2080 SUPER Gaming System - Intel Edition
  M.SPEC Prometheus GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Gaming System - Intel Edition
  M.NiD Alpha 2080 S System - Intel Edition
Mwave Australia Mwave PAX 2019 Gaming PC - ASUS RTX 2080 Ti Edition
  Official Rocket Jump Ninja Gaming PC - RTX 2080 Ti Edition
  Official topguN Gaming PC - RTX 2080 Ti Edition powered by ASUS
PLE Computer Aqua Custom build
Scorptec Maximus RTX 2080 Ti Gaming PC
  Vengeance RTX 2080 Ti HydroX Gaming PC
  Crystal Extreme RTX 2080 Ti Gaming PC
  Tempest RTX 2080 Ti Gaming PC
Shopping Express Gaming Express ROG STRIX PC - i5-9400F
  Gaming Express Asus - Ryzen 5
  Gaming Express Asus - Ryzen 7
  Gaming Express Asus Prime i7-9700F
Trinity International TI Dream 9700K (9th Gen 8-core) Powered by ASUS
Umart Online Pandora Ryzen 7 3700X RTX 2070 Super Gaming PC
  Ganymede Mk2 AMD Ryzen 9 3900x RTX2080 Ti Gaming PC


If you have any questions or enquiries regarding this promotion, please contact us by email: oppromotion@asus.com
Thank you very much