[Motherboard] Link to MyASUS

Link to MyASUS is a software solution that allows you to connect the computer with a mobile device to create an integrated experience.  When your mobile device is connected, you can enjoy all the function/operation of the mobile device through the computer's mouse, keyboard and touch screen.

By using Link to MyASUS, you can make or receive calls through the computer's speakers and microphone, send and receive text messages, access to Contacts, get mobile notifications on the computer, share files or links with each other, and mirror the mobile device screen to the computer.  Use your mobile device as an extended display for interactive use with your mobile app.  Link to MyASUS aims to improve the ease of use, productivity and convenience between your computer and mobile device.


Hardware and software requirement

*Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit (RS5 and above).

*For Android system, Android 9 and above version is necessary.

*For iOS system, iOS 13 and above version is necessary.


How to pair Android Device?

Step 1. Activate MyASUS. Click “Start” to use Link to MyASUS.


Step 2. Scan the QR code to install Link to MyASUS on your device.


Step 3. Follow instructions to connect your device to MyASUS.


Step 4. Successful pairing when seeing the image below.


Step 5. To support complete file sharing function and SMS reply, please approve the permission.


Link to MyASUS function introduction

1. Phone Call function

You can make a call or answer the call via Link to MyASUS.


2. Receive and send messages

You can also reply the message via Link to MyASUS.


3. Mirror

Enable the Mirror function, your mobile screen will be mirrored to the computer.


4. Screen extender

Enable the Screen extender, then the mobile can be used as the second extender display screen.

(mobile screen)


5. Share function

5.1 Transfer file from PC to your mobile device.

Step 1. Click the icon to select the files.


Step 2. Choose the file.


Step 3.  Click Send , and your mobile device will receive this file.


5.2 Transfer file from mobile device to your PC.

Step 1. Click file transfer on your mobile device.

Step 2. Choose the files.

Step 3. Click “Send”, then your PC will receive these files.


5.3 Share the URL to your mobile device.

Step 1. Choose setting.

Step 2. Click share.

Step 3. Choose “MyASUS” to share URL to your mobile device.


5.4 Share the URL to your PC.

Step 1. Choose the setting icon.

Step 2. Click share.

Step 3. Choose Link to MyASUS. Then, this URL will pop up on your PC.


5.5 Remote File Access.

Step 1. Turn on the remote access function.


Step 2. Log in to your ASUS account.


Step 3. Log in to the same ASUS account on your mobile device.


Step 4. Choose Remote File Access, you can review the file on the PC through your mobile device.


5.6 QR Code File Transfer.

Step 1. Make sure to enable Remote File Access, and QR Code File Transfer function will appear automatically. Click “Browse”.


Step 2. Choose the file.


Step 3. You can scan the QR Code to access the file.