MyASUS - Why can I only see the partial features in the MyASUS app?

Applicable Products: Notebook, Desktop, All-in-One PC, Gaming Handheld


When you download MyASUS from the Microsoft Store, you may find it only supports partial functions, excluding System diagnosis, System Update, and Device Settings.

It is because your product does not equip with ASUS System Control Interface driver or the driver version does not support the full functionality of MyASUS. 


If your model supports V3 driver, please click here to download the Install Wizard to help you install the driver.

For more information, please refer to the below table: 

Note: If you are unsure about the product model, please refer to How to Find Your Model Name for guidance.

MyASUS 4.0 functionsWithout ASUS System Control InterfaceWith ASUS System Control Interface V1With ASUS System Control Interface V3
Model supported Click here to check the listClick here to check the list
HomeSystem InfoVVV
Feedback HubVV
One-click SettingsN/AN/AV
Upgrade WarrantyVVV
System DiagnosisN/AVV
System UpdateN/AVV
Device SettingsN/AVV
System DiagnosisN/AVV
System UpdateN/AVV
My ASUS DevicesVVV
ASUS Apps & DealsAppsVVV
Message CenterNewsVVV
Customer SupportFAQVVV
Repair servicesVVV
User Center VVV
Settings VVV


You can check the version of [ASUS System Control Interface] from [Device Manager] > [System Devices].

If you cannot find ASUS System Control Interface in Device Manager, it means your device belongs to old model and MyASUS only supports ASUS Promotion and limited Customer Support.


To get more information about drivers and MyASUS installation, please refer to How to install MyASUS application.


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