[Microsoft AI Feature] Microsoft Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool gets an AI upgrade -Text extraction and redaction.
Snipping Tool offers more ways to capture content on your screen - with this update you can now extract specific text content from an image to paste in another application or, you can easily protect your sensitive information with text redaction by using text actions on the post capture screen.

Whether you need to extract specific content from an online article, a video call or any other source, you can effortlessly scan and copy text directly into other documents using text extraction. Using the copied text, you can perform web searches or easily incorporate it into your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Also, Snipping Tool gets the addition of screen recording capabilities. To utilize the screen recorder feature, simply press Windows logo key + Shift + R or Print Screen. Along with recording visuals from your screen, you can also capture sound using audio and mic support, all within Snipping Tool. Need to record a tutorial on YouTube or record an online class? Snipping tool now makes it easier than ever to get it done.



Operating System Requirement
Please update your Windows OS to Windows 11 23H2 or later version.


Download Snipping Tool
Please visit Microsoft Store to Download the tool.


Open Snipping Tool
Press [ Windows logo key + Shift + S ] to start Snipping Tool, or visit Microsoft support web for more details.


For more information about Snipping Tool, please refer to below website:
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The above information comes from official Microsoft website. If you have any questions, please contact Microsoft for further information.