High Performance AMD Platform Serverboard with Energy-saving Green Design

    With ASUS unique PIKE and Flex-E technology, latest Quad-Core/Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ series processor ready platform and energy-saving green design, ASUS KFSN5-D is the optimal choice for enterprise-class and computing extensive applications.

      High Performance AMD Platform Serverboard with
      Energy-saving Green Design

      Green Design with 90%+ High Power Efficiency
      Optimizes the power efficiency up to 90%+, which is power-saving compared to general serverboards (actual power saving also depends on loading in the system)
      Offering a significant reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), especially for the enterprises and IDC deploying with numerous server systems to provide 7x24 non-stop services

      ASUS PIKE Upgrade Kit Provides Flexible Storage Options for End Users
      Optional PIKE 1064E (4-port SAS), PIKE 1068E (8-port SAS) and PIKE 1078 (8-port SAS with Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 & RAID 50) are available for SAS RAID support
      This optional feature makes data storage reliable and convenient and hardware upgrade cost-effective

      Please click HERE for further PIKE information

      ASUS Flex-E (Flexibility of PCI-E) – Auto-switch PCI-E configuration for Graphic Card or Storage utilization
      The unique feature enables auto-switching of PCI-E bandwidth on slot 5 & 6
      Server mode: the bandwidth of PCI-E x16 (x16 link) switches to PCI-E x16 (x8 link), and slot 5 (PCI-E x8 (x8 link)) is enabled
      Workstation mode: PCI-E Link of slot 5 is switched to Slot 6 PCI-E x16 (x16 link) slot support high performance graphic card

      Longer Life and Higher Reliability for all Conductive Polymer Caps
      KFSN5-D is built with all conductive polymer capacitors to provide better durability, electronic conductivity and longer lifetime
      All conductive polymer capacitors will reduce energy loss and have better thermal characteristics

      High Computing Capability & DDR2 Support
      Support two Quad-Core/Dual-Core AMD OpteronTM 2300/2200 series processors
      16 DIMM slots support DDR2 800*/667/533 Reg. ECC up to 64GB, which provides excellent computing capability while reduce heat generation from memory modules

      Reliable Data Protection
      Offers 6-port SATAII storage interface to support S/W RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, JBOD for Windows and Linux
      With ASUS innovative PIKE technology, KFSN5-D is able to support SAS RAID 0, 1, 1E, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60. without extra investment on another add-on cards for SAS storage support