Leidt PCI-E Naar Dubbele Opteron Tijdperk

    Marktleider integreert PCI-E met Dubbel Opteron-platform.
      Leading the PCI-E Across Dual Opteron Era

      Dual Core Ready

      Immediate Performance Scale up - Performance gain ranging from 45% to 86% depends on different applications.

      Large and Safe Storage Capability
      Up to 4 x hot-swap SATA HDDs and support RAID 0, 1, 0+1.

      Media Center for Entertainment Enjoyment
      8 channel Audio Codec and Optional & Co-Axial SPDIF output offering great home theater and gaming experience.

      Affordable & Performance Memory
      Support 6 x ECC Reg DDR400 DIMM up to 12GB, optimized PC ration offers an affordable system.