Ultralichtgewicht voor Onbeperkte Draagbaarheid
· Lichtgewicht constructie voor maximale, probleemloze mobiliteit, waar en wanneer u maar wilt.
· Gebruiksvriendelijk toplader ontwerp bespaart ruimte zodat hij bij elke locatie en omgeving past
· Eigen E-Media engine zorgt voor stil afspelen, in tegenstelling tot de meeste drives op de markt
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The ASUS SDR-08B1-U provides cutting-edge multimedia experience with superior playback capacities and high-speed data transfer. The attractive external top loader slim DVD-ROM utilizes the high-speed USB 2.0 interface.

E-Green (Energy Green Engine)

Protecting our precious environment. That is what we all must do, and we can start with green computing. And it's not just the environment we are saving, but dollars and cents too. The ASUS E-Green Engine technology can automatically close drive applications when not in use for 2 minutes, and optimizes power consumption while it is in use.

Save the earth and your cost!
• The extreme power savings with E-Green
• Eco-friendly Solution to decrease CO2 emission and tree depletion


At home, have you ever listen to CD or watch an romantic movie but found the loud operation noise from the drive so annoying? At work, is your drive the only source of noise in the quiet office? ASUS exclusive E‐Media auto‐detects disc usage and provide optimized play speed with quiet operation for multimedia enjoyment or faster copy speed for efficient working.

Optimized multimedia enjoyment and working quality
• Quieter operation and faster copying speeds
• Optimized multimedia enjoyment and working quality


Package Contents

  • ASUS SDR‐08B1‐U Drive
  • USB Cable
  • Multi-Language Quick Installation Guide
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