ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.


Design professionals demand fast graphics, large screens and accurate color. Workstations are perfect for this type of work, with their high performance, comprehensive connectivity and flexible I/O capabilities.

Their quiet, power-efficient design makes them ideal for office use. The ASUS range of professional monitors feature exclusive technologies such as QuickFit Virtual Scale and ASUS Splendid video technology, plus a convenient five-way navigation key for easy control. They are designed to provide outstandingly accurate color reproduction, making them suitable for the needs of demanding professionals.

Recommended Products

  • ESC2000 G2

    Releasing its full GPU processing power enables the multimedia processing performance that designers demand, while the advanced, fully integrated I/O, high efficiency and ultra quiet work environment are the perfect choice for various kinds of graphics workers.

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  • PB278Q

    ASUS professional monitors are at the forefront of display technology, with exclusive innovations and a variety of industry-leading, high-precision technologies, including QuickFit Virtual Scale, ASUS Splendid video technology and an intuitive five-way navigation key. The high-quality IPS panels used provide superior color accuracy, high resolution and wide viewing angles.

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