ZenFone 4 Clear Case (A450CG)

    ZenFone 4 Clear Case (A450CG)

    Snap in for stylish protection - Protect your ZenFone 4 without hiding its gorgeous looks!

    • Protects your phone while still providing easy access to its functions
    • The Clear Case protects your phone and minimizes scratches, scrapes and dents
    • Designed to protect your device without hiding its gorgeous looks or blocking access to ports and buttons
    • Securely fastens around your phone
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      Snap in for stylish protection

      Protect your ZenFone 4 Clear Case (A450CG)
      without hiding its gorgeous looks!

      Express your attitude with colorful mobility

      Developed with the Zen philosophy in mind, ZenFone also knows what you need. The ZenFone family comes with a wide range of accessories, designed to protect your phone and improve your experience, perfectly combining style and durability. Tough but very tactile materials let the ZenFone accessories protect and perfectly accompany your device.

      This external case is a great way to protect your beloved phone from drops and shocks. Made of smooth materials, it easily fits in your pocket, yet is tough enough to resist tossing in your bag during your active and intense days. You will enjoy the confidence that this accessory brings.

      Practicality and style converge in a snap-on cover designed especially for your ZenFone. Made of durable materials to resist impacts and daily damage, it offers complete protection. Built to last, the cover is made of smooth, durable materials, and is designed with openings for all ports and buttons to provide access to all phone functions.