PadFone E (A68M)

    PadFone E (A68M)

    Together. We create!

    • DynamicDisplay- Transforms 4.7” phone into 10.1” tablet
    • PixelMaster Camera – Light sensor up 400%, vivid night photos. 13-megapixels, crisp-clear day photos.
    • Powerful Quad-Core Processor – Qualcomm® Snapdragon 400 quadcore 1.4 GHz processor
    • Stylish and elegant design, features with the stain resistant double layer coating
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      Padfone E width black cover

      Dynamic Display

      PadFone E is a powerful smartphone that switches effortlessly between a 4.7-inch handset and 10.1-inch tablet with apps automatically adjusting between both displays.

      Maximum Saving

      One data plan is shared between both phone and station, removing the need to have separate data plan for the tablet.

      Dual SIM

      The PadFone E is equipped with a dual SIM card slot which enables you to use a single device that satisfies both business and personal needs, bringing more convenience and flexibility to your life.

      Double layer paint

      The elegant and silky smooth ceramic finish features a double layer stain resistant coating.


      PadFone E and its Station both feature HD Super IPS displays for exceptional image quality.

      Thin and light

      Thin and light combination at just 9.08mm and weighting a mere 126g and 525g for PadFone E Station.

      9.08 mm 126 g Padfone E Thin

      PixelMasterLow light

      During the day, ASUS PixelMaster technology produces clear vibrant and detailed photos. In poor lighting conditions, ASUS PixelMaster automatically increase the size of each pixel by up to 400% to increase light sensitivity without needing an LED flash to create high quality photos.

      Phone UIscreenscreenscreenscreenscreen
      Padfone E
      Camera Shoot1 Camera Shoot2 Camera Shoot3 Camera Shoot4 Camera Shoot5 Camera Shoot6 Camera Shoot7 Camera Shoot8 Camera Shoot9 Camera Shoot10 Camera Shoot11 Camera Shoot12 Camera Shoot13
      Padfone E

      Turbo burst mode

      A fast camera allows you to shoot quick moving objects at 13 frames per second, meaning you will never miss a moment with PadFone E.

      Incredible Audio

      18mm built-in speaker
      A large 18mm diameter built-in speaker, as large as those found in most laptops, is incorporated into the PadFone E Station, which gives you un-matched audio.

      Music Light
      Red Light Speed Light

      Quad-core Processor

      Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, PadFone E is always smooth and responsive.

      Padfone E
      Phone Call
      15.7 hrsTalk Time
      Video Play
      9.7 hrsVideo Play Time

      Long Lasting Battery Life

      PadFone E Station's built-in battery also has sufficient capacity to fully recharge the docked PadFone E. It is designed for flexibility and convenience, with even longer periods away from mains power.

      AppLock POP

      App Lock and Hide

      For users worried about privacy, apps can be hidden or locked in the app tray to prevent prying eyes from accessing sensitive information. In addition to a lockscreen passcode, an additional passcode is required to access locked or hidden apps, further increasing security and peace of mind.