ROG Asymmetry Windbreaker

    ROG Asymmetry Windbreaker
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    ROG Asymmetry Windbreaker is a lightweight, packable jacket that’s specially designed for gamers traveling to LAN parties, esports events and regular jaunts.
    • Made with 100% nylon for ultra-lightweight wear and ultimate comfort.
    • Packable into its own pocket for high portability.
    • Windproof and water-repellent for everyday weather protection.
    • Breathable material to keep your body at a comfortable temperature.
    • Reflective ROG logo and cybertext design to increase visibility at night.
    Wash at or below 40°C
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not iron
    Do not bleach

    Ultra-Lightweight Jacket

    Stylish, ultra-lightweight windbreaker with a 100%-nylon weave that provides an extra layer against the elements and expresses your gamer credentials.

    Highly Portable and Easy Storable

    Simply tuck the jacket into its own pocket for instant, neat storage, anywhere.

    Windproof and Water-Repellent

    ROG Asymmetry Windbreaker blocks chilling wind and protects against light rain, and its elastic cuffs trap warm air to retain body heat.

    Breathable and Moisture-Wicking

    The quality nylon fabric quickly draws heat and perspiration away from your body, while keeping rain out.

    Evening Style and Safety

    Reflective ROG logo and cybertext design increases visibility at night, keeping you safer while cycling or enjoying other outdoor activities.

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