16-DIMM Platform with Two Quad-Core Opteron™ Support

    The KFN4-D16 Serverboard adopts NVIDIA® nForce® 2200 Professional chipset and Dual AMD® Opteron™ Socket F platform. Featured with the next-generation server technology, the KFN4-D16 is capable to meet the demanding computing power for your growing business.

      16-DIMM Platform with Two Quad-Core Opteron™ Support

      Immediate CPU Performance Scale Up

      With AMD® Opteron™ 2000 series Dual-Core processors support, the 2-way KFN4-D16 Serverboard provides almost 4-CPU performance.

      Outstanding Memory Scalability

      KFN4-D16 supports up to 16-DIMM, 32GB DDR2 533/ 667 ECC registered memory. Featured with DDR2 667, KFN4-D16 offers advanced memory transfer rate compared to the last generation DDR 400 platform. Meanwhile, equipped with 16-DIMM slots, KFN4-D16 provides the best memory scalability.

      Ultimate in Expansibility and Upgrade

      KFN4-D16 offers a full range of expansion choices: one PCI Express x16 slot (x8 link), one PCI 32bit/ 33MHz slot and one HTX slot. The user’s investment can be protected with three available PCI-X 133/100MHz slots and one SO-DIMM socket for optional ASUS ASMB3-SOL card.

      Server-class Network Connection

      Embedded with dual server-class PCI-E GbE LANs, KFN4-D16 is ideal for high-intensive networking applications. By enabling the "Teaming" of dual LANs, the "Load-balance" and "fail-over" functions facilitate the higher bandwidth and more reliable connectivity.

      IPMI2.0 for Online & Offline Management

      • Out-of-band Management via ASMB3 with SOL support
      • ASWM 2.0 provides in-Band web-based Management capability for your server

      Intelligent SmartFan 2

      • Proactively fine-tune fan speed base on System thermal condition for better acoustic