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    N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition

    N43SL Jay Chou Special Edition

    Hear the Power. Feel the Power

  • Sophisticated and modern Asian-influenced design by Jay Chou presents the beauty in technology
  • ASUS SonicMaster Technology co-developed with audio experts Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®
  • Enhanced visual enjoyment with Video Magic Technology
  • Powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors and ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity

      ASUS N Series Jay Chou Special Edition

      A cross-over between East & West

      ASUS and multi-talented star Jay Chou have come together to create a once in a lifetime collectible notebook that perfectly harmonizes everything great and elegant about computing and art. Make a statement with this delectable portable PC and send a message of smart style that brings joy to everything PC-related.

      The N Series — a creative masterpiece co-designed by ASUS and Jay Chou

      ASUS, together with superstar and design inspiration Jay Chou, co-created the special edition N Series notebook. It is a masterpiece of creativity, borne out of exquisite design and state-of-the-art technology. It seamlessly brings together Jay's love of music, martial arts and typography. The N Series features boot-up music that was composed by the man himself, and feature a unique Baroque "J" key. Jay has also hand-picked several songs that are pre-loaded in this special edition N Series for that complete Jay Chou music experience.

      Unique Baroque-style "J" key
      Adorned with Chinese porcelain and Baroque-inspired designs
      Palm rest bearing Jay Chou's signature
      Sheet music of “Secret”

      Exceptional sound and visual

      Our pioneering SonicMaster technology ensures the best audio quality through the notebook's superior speakers, large acoustic chambers and powerful amplifier — perfect for listening to Jay's selection of pre-loaded songs.

      The N Series also features ASUS Video Magic technology which can boost DVD-quality video up to Full HD 1080p to further add to the audio-visual feast.

      Excellent multi-tasking capabilities

      The ASUS N Series notebook is equipped with the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor to give it powerful computing and multi-tasking capabilities together with efficient power management. Along with the latest NVIDIA® discrete graphics, the N Series delivers a dynamic multimedia experience.

      Memorable add-ons

      ASUS and Jay Chou have also prepared a whole lineup of additions to this very special notebook PC. Even the box it comes in bears the same unique collectible design, with Jay’s trademark J character on the front and four Jay-themed postcards inside. The N43SL also boasts custom boot up music composed by the artist to celebrate this rare occasion, a behind the scenes screensaver showing Jay at work, and a Jay Chou wallpaper for that complete experience.