ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    ROG G60Jx

    ROG G60Jx

    Ignite True-to-life Battles

  • Empowered by NVidia GeForce extreme performance GTS360M graphics with GDDR5 1GB video memory for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Enhanced gaming with 3D surround sound on EAX Advanced HD 4.0 and CMSS
  • Intelligent backlit chiclet gaming keyboard for dim lighting conditions
  • The latest Intel Core i7 quad-core and Core i5 dual-core processors with Turbo Boost Technology

      Reality Upscaled

      The universe of gaming notebooks has a new hero – the ASUS ROG G60Jx gaming and multimedia powerhouse. Resplendent in striking design, G60Jx machines deploy Intel® Core™ i7 processors and brand new NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS360M GPUs with 1GB GDDR5 RAM, not to mention up to 8GB of main memory. With this kind of hardware, compromise has been shown the door. Prepare for realism.

      For the Win

      Gamers can look forward to smooth action with no scaling back of graphics settings, resolutions and other basics – this is not your previous generation’s notebook, G60Jx is a relentless gaming portable that gets the job done in style. Its winning combo of powerful CPU, hardcore GPU and abundant RAM makes sure all the latest titles can be played as intended. Just take one look at these 3DMark scores and you’ll be won over.

      Lock and Load

      Overclocking potential is the legacy of every gaming rig worth its salt, and G60Jx is no slacker in this department. Extreme Turbo and the Power 4 Gear Hybrid engine drive through the biggest challenges with flying colors, boosting CPU clocks on demand or saving power when taking on more sedate tasks, all determined by users via a friendly interface. Prodigious gaming horsepower doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment!

      Switch to Night Vision

      In a stroke of genius, G60Jx includes the trademark Republic of Gamers illuminated chiclet keyboard – it’s not only ergonomic and comfortable for all productivity needs, it’s a complete gaming keyboard that lights up when the lights go out. Real gamers don’t let the dark hold them back, but there’s no need to disturb anyone with undue illumination – just one key press and the keyboard goes bright or dark as needed.

      Expand the ‘M’ in Multi

      G60Jx notebooks work wonders for every multimedia application, because with this much power overhead they can handle any content you throw at them, and the vivid, crisp 16" 1366X768 backlit LED 120Hz screen gives video a much-needed remake, bringing out lush colors, excellent tones and accurate contrast. Audio doesn’t get relegated to afterthought status with the G60Jx – full EAX 4.0 3D audio rendering on Altec Lansing speakers worthy of a standalone surround system makes sure games, music and movie audio come to life in full immersive glory.

      Let Gameness Reign

      This is an out and out fun notebook, and Republic of Gamers went to town on the design – look at the go stripes on the cover, they’re not just a cosmetic, they’re a statement. G60Jx is a fast machine, and it’s here to rule.