ASUS Micro USB Charging Stand

    ASUS Micro USB Charging Stand

    The chic way to charge your mobile device

    • A business card-sized stand to charge and prop up your smart device
    • Made for tablets that support micro USB charging
    • Props smart devices up to a perfect viewing angle for watching movies or surfing the web
    • Embedded USB 2.0 port for connections to flash storage devices, external drives or mouse
    • Magnetized design for added portability; bundled carrying bag

      Setting up is simple, with the stands easily clamping onto the sides of your mobile device. Its design lets you find the perfect tilt angle to view videos or photos, and surf the web. This view makes it ideal when you’re looking to type emails or reply to messages.

      1. Indicator Lights (LED)
      2. Switch between charging and data transit mode
      3. USB2.0 port for more connection options
      4. Micro USB for charging
      5. Magnets for easy carry

      The ASUS Micro USB Charging Stand is a chic way to charge your tablet through micro USB. It features a smart, ergonomic design that props your device up to an ideal position to view videos, photos, or even type emails.

      This charging stand docks with your device and offers you a USB 2.0 connection to flash drives, external hard disk drives or even a mouse.

      The magnetic twin-stand design clamps together easily when not in use for added portability.