ASUSPRO Business Desktops

Certified Reliability

ASUSPRO business desktops are designed to provide the best quality, reliability and usability. ASUSPRO business desktops have been certified by authoritative research institutes for their industry-leading performance on critical test items, proving that they rank among the best in the industry.

ASUSPRO are certificated by these research institutes

Proven Durability

ASUSPRO business desktops are built to last with guaranteed stability and longevity

Tested for Perfection

ASUSPRO business desktops are tested to withstand the rigors of transportation and the wear and tear of continuous daily use, to ensure they meet our exacting standards and exceed those used by other manufacturers.
  • Vibration Test

  • Port Test

  • Electrostatic Discharge Test

  • Noise Test

Industry leading Mean Time
Between Failures (MTBF)

ASUSPRO business desktops adapts 100% solid capacitors and features CPU power phase control to increase system stability, resulting top-tier MTBF rating.


The advanced mechanical prevents dust entering the system, reducing the risk of failure, keeping ASUSPRO business desktops fully functional in dusty environments.

Electrostatic discharge(ESD)

An active protective circuit design ensures ESD are properly grounded, protecting ASUSPRO business desktops from the potentially harmful effects.

Electrostatic discharge protection next to the connectors protect the PC from the event of ESD.

Accident Proof

We ensure the harm is minimized when accident happens


Lightning-surge-proof power supply and LAN connector protects the device against unexpected lighting surges.


The cases and motherboards of ASUSPRO business desktops are made of fire-resistant material that protects the key internal components in the event of fire.

Enhancing the Work Environment

Advanced design to protect not only the hardware, but the user as well

Low operation noise

ASUSPRO business desktops uses differential thermal analysis to optimize performance and reduce operating noise with ferrite chokes and an advanced thermal design.

Electromagnetic interference

Decoupling capacitors are adapted for each unit, and common mode chokes are used to suppress radiation noise through I/O ports.