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Hi there! We know you're excited about the endless possibilities offered by ASUS ScreenPad™, so why not become a ScreenPad Developer? Unleash your creative power and build apps to revolutionize the world!

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ScreenPad™: The intelligent touchpad!
ScreenPad™ combines a standard touchpad with a high-resolution LCD display, giving you a whole new way to interact with your laptop. It can work adaptively with desktop apps, automatically changing features and tools to suit the task in hand. With ScreenPad, you can work more efficiently — and more enjoyably!
Get ready to go!
The new development environment will let you create and expand the incredible possibilities of ScreenPad™ over and above the default ScreenPad Apps, and add value using the exciting new features that give users a new way of using a touchpad.
The new ScreenPad™ development environment is coming soon: this will make it easy to unlock the incredible possibilities of ScreenPad™. Click the link to sign up for notifications, updates and important information. Join us to shape the future of computing!
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