Creativity is Evolving: Let Your Business Technology Evolve with It

    Creativity is evolving. There is more possibility for everyone from a solo creative all the way up to full design agencies to create incredible productions, from video to 3D graphics and beyond. The possibilities are endless, and this explosion in creativity is due in large part to the rise of powerful, innovative technologies.

    Creativity is Evolving: Let Your Business Technology Evolve with It

    Touchscreens, unique design features, and more all enable creators to design art and media content easier than ever. Put simply, creating has never been more accessible. To take full advantage of this potential, your business needs to keep pace with how technology in the space is evolving.

    What your business used five to ten years ago might have served you well then, these days it’s only holding you back from beating competitors and delivering truly sensational results.

    Power and Performance

    To start, technology is more powerful than ever. This much, you almost certainly know. Yearly refreshes in processors, graphics, and other components means that this year’s devices are ensuring older devices pale in comparison.

    You only need to look at the ASUS range of ZenBook products to see how the Intel® processors installed in such devices offer quad-core, hex-core, and even octa-core variants, representing incredible potential for creativity both in the office, and on-the-go; precisely when the best creative ideas come to mind.

    Unique Features

    There was a time not too long ago when you knew what to expect from a laptop. A hinge connecting a screen on one side, and a keyboard and trackpad on the other. The times of the ‘vanilla’ laptop are coming to an end. When it comes to creatives, even more so.

    Trackpads, media bars, and exciting new unique features dominate user attention on new laptop devices, offering new and powerful ways to interact with systems and create without limits. The widespread rise of touchscreen devices only adds to this creative revolution.
    Creators can simply switch from the traditional mouse and keyboard approach to interacting directly with the screen, drawing, writing, scrubbing and smooth their way through artwork, graphic design, video editing, and more.

    ASUS devices such as the Zenbook Pro Duo with its second screen with touch and unique design, and the Zenbook Flip range that offer unparalleled options when it comes to workstation setups convey this advance in creative freedom perfectly.


    Laptop devices are smaller than ever. The technology space is forever searching for ways to remove barriers between users and devices, shaving millimetres and increasing screen-to-body ratios. Creation isn’t just done in the office anymore. Often, our best ideas come to us when we’re away from our keyboards.

    Being able to carry a device with us when that great idea pops into mind is the ideal scenario for creating our best work.

    The ASUS Zenbook 13 is the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop, offering unparalleled portability, while still retaining the high performance you’ve come to expect from ASUS products.

    It’s never been more exciting to be a creator, but it’s also more demanding than ever. Ensure your team has what they need to deliver their best work. Browse the ASUS ZenBook range, and explore just how powerful and innovative creative technology can truly be: ASUS ZenBook Products

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