TransAmerican Medical Imaging changes the way medical images are viewed, stored and shared with ASUS EeeBox PCs


    TransAmerican Medical Imaging(TMI) was formed in 1992, and has since expanded to supply top-quality, high-demand medical imaging components throughout North America and internationally. TMI’s product includes C-ARM systems, which are X-ray image intensifiers that produce a 'live' image feed, heavily used both in surgery and for medical diagnoses outside of surgery. TMI choose the space-saving ASUS Eee Box PCs to support their C-ARM systems, changing the way medical images are viewed, stored and shared.

    The Opportunity

    The large, high resolution monitors of C-ARMS provide clear and detailed digital images to doctors on site, but their limitation has been in allowing doctors to view, share, and alter information while they are away from the machines. Doctors wishing to view images at home or in their own offices would traditionally print the images out on a piece of paper and carry them to their remote locations, which created problems in accuracy (smudges, discoloration and folds), transportability, and sharability. Printed medical images are also by law unalterable, meaning physicians could not write notes on them. With the space-saving ASUS Eee Box PC B202 and its 802.11n WiFi capability, TransAmerican Medical Imaging makes accurate image transferring not only possible but also easy.

    The Outcome

    By mounting EeeBox PCs on the back of C-ARM systems, TMI has made high definition DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) 1024 x 1024 images easily accessible, transportable and sharable. Physicians are now able to download images onto USB drives and view them on any DICOM-enabled PC in high resolution. The EeeBox PC's 802.11n WiFi capability allows images to be wirelessly shared with other PCs in its range or over the Internet, allowing physicians to consult with other experts and increasing the likelihood of faster, more accurate diagnoses. Because the digital images are high resolution, they are clearer and more accurate than paper printouts, giving doctors better data on which to base their diagnoses and recommendations for treatments. In all, it is a hugely important development.

    TMI chose ASUS EeeBox PCs for their solution because of their rock-solid reputation for quality. Wayne Little, chief engineer at TMI, says "When it comes to people's health, nothing but the best will do. That's why we went with ASUS." In addition to top quality, the EeeBox PC offers a VESA mount, 802.11n wireless capability, and energy efficiency. Because the unit cannot draw power from most C-ARMs, it needs to run off of an external battery pack for up to 10 hours per day.

    The Product

    The EeeBox PC EB1007P, the next generation of B202, is a 1L-sized mini desktop PC built around Intel’s power-sipping Atom processors. It only requires around 40 watts of power to operate while carbon footprint is reduced by 90% compared to a standard PC. The EeeBox PC comes with built-in 802.11n WLAN to keep you connected to the internet, and with a slim design and VESA 75/100 standard mount supported. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes including as a digital signage solution or a capable office or thin client solution.