Reset with reliability: How dependable digital workplace solutions can build long-term growth

    The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped global business and changed the way we all live and work. Chief among the changes is the shift to digital business and hybrid work. According to Gartner, 48% of employees will work remotely by 2030, compared to 30% pre-COVID[1].

    In fact, 38% of knowledge workers could leave if organisations were to insist on a ‘hard return’ to fully on-site work[2]. And organisations are responding – creating distributed platforms supported by cloud technologies to enable an “anywhere operations” model for employees, forming one of the top twelve emerging technologies for 2021 to 2023[3].

    Before jumping on the bandwagon, consider that the actions that companies take right now will have long-term consequences for competitiveness and performance. Emerging digital workplace technologies will give companies an edge, but reliability and cost-savings will help companies to recover from the pandemic and ride out future disruptions for stable and long-term growth. Here are three ways that ASUS commercial devices can help.

    Maximum productivity with seamless operation

    Whether it’s a digital company, financial firm or manufacturing factory, companies need PCs that support the round-the-clock flow of business. In a financial firm for example, employees need to be able to keep up an uninterrupted flow of communication – to keep up with markets, present timely projections, and share insights and analyses within the team.

    In today’s increasingly distributed workforce, business devices must furthermore support this constant communication across geographies, time zones, and diverse workplaces. And in industries where highly sensitive information is shared, robust data security must be in place. ASUS’s wide range of hardware and devices have been designed with these criteria in mind — (1) ease of information sharing and (2) inherent security.

    In terms of easy information sharing, ASUS Wi Fi master has made Wi-Fi connectivity pains a thing of the past. It allows users to stream smoothly and quickly even when far away from the router. They’re also built to last, with more than 10 hours battery life on portable laptops for anywhere and anytime work. Significantly, remote workers can enjoy this portability via lightweight and detachable models for access to information regardless of their location. Not to mention crystal clear audio quality during call conferences thanks to ASUS noise-cancelling audio for flawless information sharing no matter their environment.

    Inherent security is embedded across every facet of ASUS devices. A portable and lightweight laptop like the ASUS ExpertBook B9 is packed with enterprise-grade security features. These features are rooted in hardware and cloud-based software to guard information against firmware vulnerabilities and unauthorized access. Biometric logins, physical webcam shields, NFC logins and Trusted Platform Module 2.0 protect against unauthenticated access, while Intel vPro processor delivers built-in hardware-based PC protection to safeguard people, resources, and data. Ultimately, the devices combine the best of software and hardware to protect your bottom line.

    Enhanced business continuity at reduced costs

    Hybrid work inherently means mobility – between the home, office, and other remote working locations. And in a truly flexible workplace, employees must be able to work in any environment that their duties require without worrying about accidental drops and knocks putting their devices – and productivity – out of commission. Take an insurance agent that is constantly on-the-go meeting clients, or a marketing executive who has to be on the ground at company events. Hardy devices with robust hardware and software will help a company reduce costs needed to replace easily spoilt devices. Cost savings are maximized in the long run while ensuring continued uptime, productivity, and profits.

    All ASUS business devices pass military-grade standards and stringent internal testing. Take the state-of-the-art ASUS ExpertBook B3 Detachable, which has a portable and flexible design that belies its solid chassis construction to buffer against the rigors of everyday business life. At ASUS Quality Test Labs in Taipei and Singapore, such laptops are also extensively stress-tested to ensure durability in key components like the keyboard and hinges.

    Protecting the data stored in devices is just as – if not more – important than protecting the hardware. In the rare event of power outages, earthquakes or other natural disasters, ASUS Uninterruptible Power Supply system on select ExpertCenter models and reliable ASUS motherboard ensure that data is stored safe and sound for retrieval and business-as-usual operations.

    Service that keeps the business going

    Devices that wear out quickly or become obsolete must be replaced more frequently, racking up costs and eating into profits. At ASUS, expert engineers are available at over 1,300 repair locations and 20,000 drop-off points globally. They are also in call centers ready to serve in myriad languages. This unmatched convenience empowers users to maintain devices’ comprehensive systems of hardware, software and firmware at peak performance over years.

    When devices stop working optimally, it is important to get technical assistance and expert care quickly. For working professionals in fast-paced environments, this help must come as conveniently as a click of a button, no matter where they are in the world.

    In the event that devices need servicing, employees should also be able to receive appropriate support and services anywhere, regardless of where they purchased their devices – as they can with ASUS. This includes local next business day on-site support. We’ve also set up thoughtful services such as pick-up-and-return, 24/7 chat boxes and FAQs as well as self-diagnoses tools so that customers can identity problems and solve issues quickly.

    There are also self-service platforms like MyASUS. These are convenient one-stop platforms for users maintain systems, update software and optimise their PC’s performance. After sales and customer support are also just a click away, allowing workers to get assistance on technical issues quickly and reliably. And in any case of accidents, ASUS Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) provides users a peace of mind, covering anything from liquid spills to cracked screens from drops. With handy resources and timely help, organizations can minimize disruptions and get back to work in no time.

    Reliability and cost-savings go hand in hand with innovation – offering businesses the rock-solid foundation from which to venture out and break new ground. ASUS commercial devices, with its 24/7 reliability, durability, and configurability, help to save costs, ensure business continuity, while affording space and freedom to grow with the needs of business as they transition out of the Covid-19 era.

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