Globepoint & ASUS VivoPC VM62N: Taking the lead in education with VRWARE


    Globepoint, founded in 2012, is looking to improve the smart learning industry and expand their business by offering educational content and platforms to universities, businesses, and public organizations across the world. The company is currently using ASUS VivoPC as a platform to develop educational content in 3D.

    The opportunity

    VRWARE, a Globepoint educational platform, combines virtual reality (VR) with augmented reality (AR). VRWARE lets users create and customize their personal avatars, as well as create content like videos and quizzes.

    Globepoint representative Sang Yong Cho is confident that VRWARE will bring about a completely new experience in the educational field. “VRWARE is the result of the intention to create educational content that makes learning more fun through the use of motion sensors. We can incorporate additional content such as videos and quizzes,” said Mr. Cho. VRWARE is being lauded for its flexibility. Giving users free rein over content means it can be adapted for professional training programs and lectures, or customized with cute and lovable characters to appeal to children.

    The outcome

    Rendering VRWARE’s 3D virtual worlds places considerable demands on any system’s graphics card, so Globepoint had to find a machine that was up to the task.

    Globepoint sourced solutions from various hardware manufacturers and decided on the ASUS VivoPC VM62N. “ASUS VivoPC features a NVIDIA graphics card and high quality solid state drive to help deliver smooth 3D content. Its stylish design is also ideal for the home or office. We were extremely satisfied with ASUS VivoPC during testing,” added Mr Cho. “ASUS was a great help by offering us a customized PC based on the hardware we wanted and incorporating our requirements instantly.”

    The company was also impressed by ASUS VivoPC’s upgrade-friendly design and Vivo DualBay, a unique storage bay that can accommodate a single one 3.5-inch or two 2.5-inch hard disk or solid state drives. ASUS VivoMini’s silent and energy-efficient design, 4K UHD playback support, and extensive connectivity options made it an ideal platform for VRWARE.

    The product

    VivoPC VM62N

    Powerful mini PC with 4K UHD support and Vivo DualBay for added storage flexibility