Top 5 Factors When Buying a Business Laptop

    The “Lost Laptop” as a High-Risk Security Endpoint

    When purchasing a laptop for business use, business owners can simplify the decision-making process by weighing five critical factors.

    1. Solid business warranty & service

    The “Lost Laptop” as a High-Risk Security Endpoint

    A laptop used solely at home will see little wear and tear and last for years. But what if a laptop suffers a desktop coffee spill at the office, or a laptop assigned to a leading salesperson suddenly fails and needs immediate service or replacement? A solid business warranty and service offering go hand-in-hand with a company’s risk mitigation package.

    2. Size & weight

    The “Lost Laptop” as a High-Risk Security Endpoint

    A technician out in the field will want features to match the work environment’s demands. A field tech working out of a car or truck may determine a small-sized notebook is a bad match for their work. Rather, a notebook with an amply large keyboard and a similarly large video monitor allows for use with gloves in colder weather and easy visibility in bright outdoor sunlight.

    Conversely, for staff always traveling and on the go, the appropriate laptop would be the ultimate in light weight and compact size. A small footprint is always convenient for narrow fold-down desks on most commuter aircraft and airliners.

    3. Processing power

    The “Lost Laptop” as a High-Risk Security Endpoint

    For an engineer or graphics designer, a large monitor will help ease the strain on the eyes through a long day of writing code or drafting intricate drawings. But to complement a large display size, there usually comes extra compute power in the form of a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU).

    4. Security

    The “Lost Laptop” as a High-Risk Security Endpoint

    If security is a main concern, administrators may consider using laptops with biometric security features such as a fingerprint reader. Some business systems have them as a standard or as an inexpensive upgrade option. With a fingerprint reader, users can swipe-login to Windows or configure a password manager to use a fingerprint as a credential.

    5. Form Fitting Function

    The “Lost Laptop” as a High-Risk Security Endpoint

    In the case of a freelance graphic designer serving local businesses, there may be frequent sales pitches at customers’ offices. For this scenario, use a laptop that offers not only easy portability, but also a larger screen for presentation with customers.

    For high-resolution video and graphics, a laptop will need a powerful graphics processing unit (GPU). When considering a large screen laptop with high compute power, business staff should remember that with size and power usually comes added weight.

    For an office administrator performing general tasks in a cramped office, there may not have enough space for a full-sized work tower. Again, this is a situation where a laptop meets the challenge. A general office worker will need high compute power like their designer / engineer colleagues, so a general purpose business laptop would be best.

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