ASUSPRO BU400 reinvents the independent garage


    Independent garages have the stereotyped image of very dusty, grimy and noisy environments which might be capable of routine servicing and simple patch-up fixes, but when faced with diagnosing problems in today’s increasingly complex cars, customers might be faced with the blank answer, “It could be a computer problem, go back to your authorized dealer!”

    All this is changing, with the help of the ASUS BU400. One of the most successful SMEs and a leader in its field of independent garages is Carstar, where the pinnacle of professionalism and service quality is being realized with the help of the ASUSPRO BU400, radically transforming the business by bringing the advantages of the Information Age right to the service floor.


    “There are some 15,000 garages that Carstar manages, and some 1,500 car models being driven by our customers – as long as the garage is a Carstar member, any questions about the car can be called up through our database with the laptop, to identify problems and find answers,” says general manager Huang Yuanming.

    The use of IT is also primary in maintaining SOP across the tens of thousands of service points in order to achieve consistent customer experience of a professional quality. The key in realizing such advantages was in finding the right laptop that could stand up to the environment of a car repair workshop: there is no air conditioning, it is hot and humid, and when used in the garage by mechanics, the laptop is also exposed to high incidence of vibrations and drops.

    “If the computer we use is not resilient enough for these conditions and breaks down, service is disrupted – we can never allow that to happen!” adds Huang. As a result, the company embarked on a trial to test several makes of high-end laptops on the market. Carstar found the ASUSPRO BU400 to offer the best in terms of stability, reliability and performance.

    Beyond its reliability, the supreme performance and massive information processing capabilities of the BU400 is just as critical for the job. Says Huang, “For example, in a BMW 5 series saloon alone, there are more than 80 computers working in parallel, and in our database, there are more than a thousand images and information on thousands of parts.”

    Together with the latest generation Intel processors and chipset, the BU400 is also equipped with Nvidia NVS5200M dedicated graphics chip to bolster quick image display over multi-screens.

    “We have an obligation to give our customers the best, so from our experience, we only use ASUS, other brands will not be considered,” adds Huang.

    The Outcome

    Exceeding industry standards for reliability and resistance to rough use and even qualifying for US Army MIL-STD-810G certification, the BU400 with added protection against drops and spills brings the perfect combination of hard-wearing reliability and high performance to bring traditional businesses to the Information Age. It is a partner in Carstar’s success at the top of its industry, and ASUS is also voted by numerous business leaders as the top laptop brand in empowering their businesses.

    The Product

    ASUS BU400 is a powerful ultrabook with award-winning design, rigorously tested for long term durability and reliability against such commonplace hzards as drops and spills, surpassing even MIL-STD 810G military standard for ruggedness. To protect vital data, the hard drive is toughened with anti-shock features, while TPM functionality keeps sensitive information from unauthorised access.

    The ASUSPRO BU400 weighs just 1.64kg with proprietary True-comfort keyboard and precision touchpad, and features the latest third-generation Intel Core processors and dedicated Nvidia graphics.