NTU Library powered by ASUS - Information Service Leaps Forward

    As we entered the majestic National Taiwan University Library, a drastic contrast is felt in the environment. The hustle and bustle of a typical day in Taipei was suddenly subdued, and the purpose of the aptly-decorated atmosphere became obvious. Even with your eyes closed, the scent of literature books and the peaceful surroundings inspires you to spend the day soaking up the wealth of information present. Many students, faculty members and the public were focusing on what they were looking for and preparing for their academic studies and projects. In this building full of books, journals and research materials, there were 70 ASUS Thin Clients recently made available for faculty members and the public to utilize and locate the books they needed, making NTU Library a space where technical elements and cultural atmosphere integrated.

    “ASUS has donated hundreds of computers to NTU library, these serve as indexing systems, storage, multimedia centers, and general workstations for the faculty members. ASUS and NTU Library have been working closely for a very long time and we would like to allow this relationship to benefit our staff and the community as effectively as possible. For instance, the demonstration of the latest IT products developed by ASUS will certainly cultivate and prepare our students for the information age. In addition, to encourage them to further their studies, we also hope that they contribute to society and represent the university in the best manner possible in the future.” said Dr. Kuang-Hua Chen, the curator of NTU Library.

    ASUS provides NTU with updated information systems

    NTU Library has a long history spanning over 80 years, and to date has amassed a collection of over 7 million books and other research materials. The library is the largest in Taiwan with the largest collection of learning materials available, which is of great value to the students and the community. It's a compelling source of information for scholars and researchers alike. The new library was completed and opened in November 1998, it features some traditional elements such as gable walls and arched windows consistent with the older building. Where appropriate, the library offers modern design and technology for professional and efficient services. Information can be accessed on demand; the library is the first to digitize its collection. Still, certain things in life must be experience in its original form, and the library honors that by holding art exhibitions from time to time.

    The staff in NTU Library all have the desire to be provide the best service. To achieve that, the staff must reduce or be relieved of some duties such as information systems maintenance. NTU Library procured a number of thin client systems years ago to allow students and the public to access the library’s resources, and shorten the time needed when researching

    The previous thin clients have served their purpose, though an update for those systems is long overdue. “Since ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih is an NTU alumnus, the vice president of NTU suggested seeking for the opportunity to work with ASUS. We were overwhelmed when ASUS agreed in a heartbeat and offered more than we had expected.” said Mr. Chen.

    ASUS finds true value in fulfilling the needs of NTU Library

    As a world-renowned university, NTU is a place where talents in Taiwan are cultivated, but with limited annual budgets, most of its information systems have a limited service life. For example, the service life of personal computers is around three to four years, while five to six for servers. This left the previous thin clients in NTU Library outdated and the computers in the multimedia center were in dire need for replacements. In addition, the staff’s personal computers were arriving at the end of their lives as well, and some of the servers in the data center needed replacing.

    ASUS has established itself as the number one brand in personal computers for consecutive years. It offers a wide range of products covering personal computers, servers, notebooks and storage equipment. Upon learning NTU Library's need to update its information systems, ASUS spared no time contacting the Information Technology Services Team for evaluations to bring the overall service of NTU Library to the next level.

    “ASUS was so devoted to this project, and we spent about 3 months finding the right equipment for each application service,” indicated Hui-Hua Chen, the leader of Information Technology Services Team in NTU Library. “And some of our systems can only work with Windows 7. ASUS was kind enough to install Windows 7 in different products before sending them to us. It really helped reducing the workload for our staff.”

    3-year warranty provides NTU Library a peace of mind

    ASUS not only donated hundreds of computers to NTU Library, but also provided a three-year warranty to alleviate the workload for the ITS team. Furthermore, ASUS provided ASUS Control Center (ACC) IT management software which allows the Information Technology Services team to monitor the status of personal computers remotely. The thin clients placed on different floors can be set to boot up and shut down automatically in accordance to the library’s opening hours. The staff is very thankful for such a feature. "Considering that NTU Library has a huge floor area, ACC with its remote monitoring and online maintenance features helps us in so many ways," said Hui-Hua Chen. "After understanding our needs, ASUS took the initiative to add more functions such as boot up and shutdown scheduling. It enables us to concentrate on our work at hand, instead of running about."

    Both ASUS and staff at NTU Library are pleased with the results of this project. Dr. Chen expresses the desire to cooperate further with ASUS in the future. He would be particularly interested in designing a new technology display area upon completion of a new library building. Students will be granted with more exposure to the latest technologies and the products incorporating them, keeping their fingers on the pulse in the information age.

    ASUS Control Center (ACC) software

    ASUS Control Center is a whole new centralized IT management software. The software is capable of monitoring and controlling ASUS servers, workstations, and commercial products including notebooks, desktops, All-in-One (AiO) PCs, thin client, and digital signage.

    ASUS is focusing on providing convenient, suitable, secured and cost saving solutions for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and data centers across every industry. With the help of ASUS Control Center, your organization is primed to deal with the demands of the most challenging modern IT environments.