Why You Don’t Need to Blow Budgets Taking Your Business Remote Long-Term

    As many businesses make the decision to take their business permanently remote, questions naturally arise around the topic of providing staff with equipment and budgeting for supplies.

    The finances you save when down-sizing offices and reducing overheads don’t necessarily need to go directly into funding remote work setups. In fact, remote setups can be extremely cost-effective when you consider use-cases and individual requirements.

    The Right Tool for the Task

    The first question to answer when outfitting your newly remote team is what are they going to be doing day-to-day? Are they performing data-entry tasks or something more intensive, requiring more performance? Do they need more than one monitor for workstations tasks such as asset creation and design?

    For simpler less demanding tasks, there’s no need to spend thousands on high-end devices; pick up a selection of ASUS Chromebooks or Windows-based devices like the ASUS ExpertBook range.

    ASUS Chromebook C425

    The ASUS Chromebook C425 is the ideal device for those performing light-weight tasks that don’t require workstation performance. A lightweight device powered by up to an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and featuring all-day battery life, performing data entry, browsing the web, and similar tasks are easily achievable.

    ASUS ExpertBook P1

    Looking for something with a little more punch? Devices from the ASUS ExpertBook range deliver effortless performance at efficient costs. Featuring NanoEdge displays for stunning visuals and a selection of powerful components, your team can achieve a variety of work tasks without needing to stretch or break budgets.

    Monitoring Your Spend on Displays

    Purchasing monitors your business is another area where costs don’t have to be exorbitant. Displays such as the ASUS BE24EQK business monitor deliver stunning full-HD IPS displays with minimal bezels and integrated webcams, speakers, and microphones – saving you even more when it comes to deciding on peripherals.

    The ASUS BE24EQK is a cost-effective business display that delivers far more than its cost would suggest, with an integrated full-HD webcam, mic array, and stereo speakers.

    Featuring ASUS EyeCare technologies such as Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light mean that your team can enjoy working all day without suffering from eye-fatigue.

    As you’ve now seen, it’s easy to find devices that are powerful and cost-effective for your new remote-working business. Browse the full range of ASUS products today, and discover budget-friendly technologies that will boost your business.

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