Are Employee Business Workstations IoT-Ready?

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    IoT for SME, SMB, micro & SOHO business

    While a small business consultant or over-the-counter (OTC) software can help optimize connectivity or performance of legacy devices in a company network, there’s no assurance that the network and its attached resources will be ready when business needs expand.

    Owners of small-to-medium enterprise (SME), small-to-medium business (SMB), micro-sized business or “mom-n-pop” small office/home office (SOHO) business can reap the benefits of transitioning to digital processes or the Internet of Things (IoT).

    SME/SMB requirements

    SME/SMB owner’s needs are special. With end-point network resources such as laptop and desktop workstations contributing to the high-cost of business operation, value-for-money and other perks are needed more than ever. Return on investment (ROI) is essential for enterprise IT budget allocation. Specific features include:

    • Affordable buy-in
    • IT and business expansion and manageability
    • IT support

    Micro & SOHO

    Freelancers and businesses run by sole proprietors qualify as a “micro” or small-office/home office players. While some businesses may be tech-savvy enough to address IT-related needs on a small scale, warranty-backed technical support for workstations is crucial to ensure uninterrupted work operations.

    ExpertBook B1_B1500

    ASUS solutions

    ASUS provides a full-line of solutions for SME, SMB, Micro & SOHO employee workstations.

    Sales staff– Sales is the core of revenue generator for any company. The ASUS ExpertBook Series line of laptops fits small or enterprise-level needs. There's an Expert Series laptop – whether for portability, performance, or budget-related requirements – all this and more for traveling, on-the-go sales team.

    Engineers – Many SMBs lack a fully-dedicated MIS department, often assigning dual-role staff for this purpose. An unplanned mixture of brands and technologies can quickly lead to hardware and/or software incompatibilities, leading to administrative issues. As a company expands, it can rapidly outgrow its IT infrastructure, leading to mounting needs for more and advanced equipment. Minimizing the cost of such expansion, while easing the load of maintenance, security and operational stability, is an important task within an IoT-enabled network. ASUS offers a wide selection of desktop PCs, from lightweight space-savers to reliable high-performance workstations. The exclusive ASUS Business Manager Suite allows MIS personnel to perform routine maintenance easily.

    Designers – For designers, architects, and in-house artists, a steady platform with powerful graphics processor unit (GPU) and a professional monitor is important. ASUS’ ProArt Series is a product line that’s perfect for professional creators looking to have the best devices that can handle the demands of most heavy-duty design applications.

    The complete package

    Businesses need to be flexible to respond to the changing times, especially in ensuring all the necessary tech and equipment is in place. ASUS provides a complete solution loaded with the latest in hardware and software innovations, helping small and large-scale businesses implement a quick roll-out for faster return on IT spend. To ensure the very best in performance for IoT-connected enterprise, learn more at ASUS Business.