Growing Your Online Business: Small IT Changes That Make a Big Difference

    With more of us working remotely and starting new businesses, it’s important to know how to scale your business productivity and performance. Whether you’re a consultant fielding calls from clients or a creative professional delivering award-winning artwork, there’s a range of tools that can improve your workflow and deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

    Here are some recommendations to enhance the way you work and introduce a new level of productivity in your business.

    #1: Secondary monitors for easier access to your work

    Adding a secondary monitor to your setup might sound like an obvious choice but it’s not until you’ve expanded your workflow to additional displays that you realize how much more enjoyable and accessible your work is.

    Removing the need for constant Alt-Tabbing and switching between windows means you spend less time finding your work, and more time completing it. With so many options for modern displays there are plenty of options for any use-case.

    For example the ASUS ProArt PQ22UC is a professional-grade 4K monitor that can easily be detached from its stand and combined with a foldable smart case, for an easy-to-use, sharp display you can bring with you anywhere.

    #2: The ASUS AI Mic Adapter, For Crystal-Clear Calls

    We’ve all endured the annoyance of poor call audio quality. Whether that’s persistent hissing and scratches as someone’s mic catches on their collar, or the angry spikes of background noise from caller’s children, pets, offices, and more.

    Avoid offering your clients and colleagues the same frustrations, by using the ASUS AI Noise-Cancelling Mic Adapter. Powered by AI this mic adapter intelligently minimizes background noise to deliver crystal-clear audio and can be used with any 3.5mm headset with a microphone.

    Make conversations with you an enjoyable and memorable experience, not an annoyance, with the ASUS AI Mic Adapter.

    #3: Upgrading to a mobile workstation

    Since workstations became the common form of getting heavy workloads completed, our work has been done on bulky desktop PCs. As technology has evolved mobile and small form-factor systems have become a viable even preferred alternative.

    Mobile devices such as the ASUS StudioBook range offer NVIDIA® Quadro workstation graphics, the latest Intel® processors and displays that are pantone validated and ready to deliver intense, vibrant visuals. Meanwhile, mini PCs like the ASUS PN50 deliver stunning performance with the latest AMD Ryzen™ mobile processors, and support for up to four 4K displays.

    The type of work once reserved for large workstation systems is now possible with mobile devices. Explore the ASUS range to discover how you can move from working in one place to getting work down anywhere.

    #4: Moving your data to dedicated storage

    Like mobile devices server technology has advanced quickly, reducing in size but growing in performance potential. Products like the ASUS S2036Z deliver up to over half a petabyte in a very small 2U configuration.

    For businesses looking to move their data storage from local devices like desktop PCs and laptops to dedicated systems with persistent network connectivity, such devices are ideal. For those who don’t need an entire rack server for their business, servers are now more size-conscious than ever. Devices like the ASUS E500 G5 SFF are compact Intel® Xeon® E platform workstations capable of driving up to three displays and completing complex workloads.

    One enhancement or change in your businesses’ IT environment can transform the way you do business for the better. To discuss how ASUS can help move your business forward when it comes to technology installations - speak to us today.

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