Employee-Based Workstations for SME, SMB, Micro & SOHO


    What is an employee role-based workstation?

    For owners or operators of a small-to-medium enterprise (SME), small-to-medium business (SMB), and micro-sized business or small office/home office (SOHO) business, some companies’ very first computer may likely be the owner’s personal laptop or desktop workstation. But if not already, owners need to plan ahead now for business expansion beyond the company’s immediate needs.

    Role-specific solutions for a company’s growing needs

    ASUS provides a full suite of office computing solutions to match company requirements for performance, warranty support, portability, and more.

    While every company is special in its own way, ASUS provides computing solutions matching staff role-based needs as defined below.

    Sales staff

    Sales staff– A salesperson cannot expect to be well-received at a customer’s office while lugging around a desktop computer. A notebook, tablet, or laptop is more suited for this scenario. Any sales-pitch presentations requiring high-end graphics display requirements will require higher GPU capabilities. Because sales is the core of revenue generation for any company, ASUS ExpertBook Series delivers the best in laptop-sized ultra-portability and top performance while being budget friendly – all of this and more for traveling sales staff needs.

    IT staff / engineers

    IT staff / engineers –Many smaller companies lack a fully-dedicated MIS department, often assigning dual-role staff to an unplanned mixture of brands and technologies that can quickly lead to hardware and/or software incompatibilities, and become an administrative burden. ASUS offers a wide selection of desktop PCs, from lightweight space-savers to reliable high-performance workstations. The exclusive ASUS Business Manager Suite allows MIS personnel to perform routine maintenance easily.


    Designers – Overstretched SMB design departments needing to maximize efficiency should ensure they select appropriately-specified computers when making their purchasing decisions. For designers, architects, and in-house artists, a steady platform offering a powerful graphics processor unit (GPU) coupled with a large monitor is ideal. ASUS is proud to offer its ProArt Station PD5 and ProArt Display PA278CV professional 27” LED-backlit Monitor.

    Back office staff

    Back office staff – SMB transactional work does not typically require mobility. Typically, suitable computers for such work need only be able to access the internet and cope with administrative demands such as word processing and simple image processing. Staff requiring simpler computing power such as this includes office administrators, payroll, billing and accounts receivable. For these roles, ASUS offers the PN/PB series, the perfect mini-PC, for limited desk spaces. For staff that frequently need to attend meetings away from the desk and off-site, consider the ExpertBook B5 series notebook with admirable performance standards, service and a warranty to back it up.

    Partner with ASUS

    Companies can help ensure staff and business run at peak efficiency by implementing several of many SME / SMB or Micro & SOHO role-based workstation and laptop solutions backed by award-winning service and support.

    To get the very best in performance for employees and enterprise, go to ASUS Business.