How ASUS Drives Creative Education: An Insight into the ProArt Range and the Creative Professionals Involved

    Creativity isn't solely hardware-driven. While anyone can head to the ASUS store and purchase any product from the ProArt range, it won't make them a creative professional; they're powerful tools, but only those with the skill and experience will understand and appreciate the possibility that these products afford them.

    Creativity is Evolving: Let Your Business Technology Evolve with It

    This is why ASUS strives to deliver excellent education and insights into the creative process, showing how the combination of ProArt hardware and the right knowledge can deliver incredible results. Over the past month, we've worked with incredible creators, companies, and ASUS experts to deliver online masterclasses that help unpack the ProArt range's potential and how to get the most out of them in a variety of applications and scenarios.

    Introducing ASUS ProArt, with Ben Salisbury

    Ben Salisbury, resident ASUS ProArt expert, takes you through a rundown of the latest and greatest ProArt technology, showcasing a range of options for different needs and budgets in this webinar.

    DaVinci Resolve, with Darren Mostyn

    Senior colourist Darren Mostyn, alongside ASUS UK and Blackmagic Design power this webinar that dives into DaVinci Resolve, a powerful colour correction and video editing application that's been used in feature films, TV shows, and more since 2004.

    Storytelling and Photography, with George Muncey

    Join professional photographer and YouTuber George Muncey, who runs the channel Negative Feedback, alongside ASUS UK and Wex, as he explores insights into his approach to taking photos, how to take better pictures yourself, and how storytelling is a core component of great photography.

    ASUS is committed to providing great technology and ensuring that those who use it can make the most of the potential it offers to them and their creative process.

    If you're interested in developing your own creativity or are looking to upgrade your current creative setup, browse the ASUS ProArt range today.

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