Accessible Home Education with ASUS: Learning from Home for Less

    The state of UK education is in flux, with no definitive return to school for students. Teachers and students alike are having to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. While there is an end to the current situation in sight, it is important that students continue to maintain their education, even while studying remotely.

    Supporting children and young adults to continue their studies can be tricky; what do they need to stay connected with their teachers and peers? Do they really need high-end devices to succeed? The answer is no. Teachers and parents don’t need to provide expensive devices to see a difference in student education.

    ASUS Chromebooks and Laptops: Affordable Studying Solutions

    Students typically do the following:
    • Access study materials through Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.) or other Office software.
    • Browse videos and websites online.
    • Streaming in live teaching sessions.

    While some learners may wish for a device that allows them to game, and unique use-cases may see some need additional power for tasks like video editing and 3D design, most students simply require a device that can comfortably complete the tasks mentioned above.

    For those looking to purchasing educational hardware, prices can be surprisingly affordable.

    The ASUS Chromebook Range

    ASUS offers a selection of Chromebooks, offering over 10 hours of battery life, thin and light designs, and a range of unique features including pen and touch input.

    Housing a range of performant components, students can enjoy uninterrupted learning on a ChromeOS device that’s perfectly suited for those looking to get online and into their lessons. With Intel®’s latest processors, HD screens, and ergonomic keyboards, Chromebooks are an affordable, sensible solution to studying away from schools and universities.

    Affordable ASUS Laptops

    Prefer the familiar feel of Windows? ASUS offers a range of laptops, from professional studiobooks for art and design, to high-end gaming devices. For those looking for a device to support their studies however, we offer laptops to suit all needs.

    The ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 is a 2-in-1 that delivers a full-HD touchscreen that’s lightweight, powerful, and enables students to access platforms like Windows Ink and Microsoft OneNote’s pen features.

    The ASUS VivoBook S15 is another affordable option for students, offering some of the latest hardware components to power-intensive study sessions through all levels of education. Learn more about ASUS Chromebooks and ASUS Laptops that can drive excellence in education.

    Learn more about ASUS Chromebooks and ASUS Laptops that can drive excellence in education.

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