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    EeeBox PC EB1007P

    EeeBox PC EB1007P


  • Small — Only 1L-Sized
  • Save space with VESA-Mount
  • Save up to 80% in energy consumption
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    Save space, save power, and save the earth

    Whatever your business needs, ASUS EB1007P will meet them to bring you and your customers closer together. 90% smaller than most desktop PCs, all EeeBox PCs can be attached on the rear of a monitor to turn it into an all-in-one PC. The eco-friendly EeeBox has a power consumption that is 80% lower than most desktop PCs. As a space-saving and energy-efficient productivity tool, ASUS EB1007P could prove to be your best business partner.

    No.1 Windows-based desktops in reliability and customer satisfaction

    ASUS desktops reflect a tradition of the finest product quality, innovation, and longevity. Based on PCWorld USA’s 2011 and 2010 Reliability and Service surveys, users ranked ASUS as the leading choice for Windows® desktops both years, citing high satisfaction due to reliability, value, and quiet operation. ASUS desktops received further praise for performance, design, upgradability, and connectivity.
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    Consumes 80% Less Power than a Desktop

    ASUS EB1007P requires 80% less energy than traditional PCs, boosting system performance when handling demanding tasks and lowering consumption when less poweris needed.

    Consumers 70% Less Power than a Desktop
    Energy Intelligent
      A smart gadget that can easily monitor your PC's energy consumption.
    • Shows exactly how many watts your PC consumption
    • The percentage of energy loading
    • Help users calculate the energy cost within setting period
    Energy Intelligent

    Turn Your Monitor into a Computer

    Whether it's a huge widescreen monitor for enhanced viewing or a 15" monitor suitable for tight spaces, in 3 easy steps, simply mount the Eeebox PC on the back and the monitor becomes an all-in-one computer

    Turn Your Monitor into a Computer