ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

    EeeBox PC EB1505

    EeeBox PC EB1505

    Experience Windows 8 with 1.5 Liter-sized compact PC

    • Enhanced playback performance with Intel® Celeron® 847 Dual Core CPU
    • 1.5Liter-Sized compact PC to free your space
    • USB 3.0 - 10 times faster than USB 2.0
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      Save space, save power and be entertained

      90% smaller than most desktop PCs, cleverly-designed ASUS EB1505 frees your space. Powered by Intel® Celeron® 847 Dual Core CPU and Windows 8, EB1505 provides uncompromising performance in a 1.5 liter-sized compact PC. Including USB 3.0 for instant file sharing with all your devices, the eco-friendly EeeBox consumes 70% less power than most desktop PCs. With all your multimedia needs, ASUS EB1505 is the choice for home entertainment.

      ASUS desktops – leading in satisfaction with reliability

      ASUS computers reflect a tradition of the finest quality, innovation and longevity. Based on the PCWorld USA 2012 reader survey of tech satisfaction, reliability, and service, users ranked ASUS as a leading choice for desktop PCs, citing high satisfaction with their value, connectivity, ease of use and reliability. The survey also found ASUS desktop PCs were one of the most likely to be recommended to others.
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      Windows 8 - Beautiful, fast, fluid

      Windows 8 has been reimagined to be all about you. Put what matters most right on your Start screen, and get instant access to your people, apps, sites and more, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing. Windows 8 is smooth, intuitive, and designed to let you do what you want, the way you want.

      Uncompromised Performance

      Consumes 70% Less Power than a Desktop

      ASUS EeeBox PC EB1505 requires 70% less energy than traditional PCs, boosting system performance when handling demanding tasks and lowering consumption when less power is needed.

      Consumers 70% Less Power than a Desktop
      Turn Your Monitor into a Computer

      Whether it's a huge widescreen monitor for enhanced viewing or a 15" monitor suitable for tight spaces, in 3 easy steps, simply mount the Eeebox PC on the back and the monitor becomes an all-in-one computer

      Turn Your Monitor into a Computer

      Multimedia Enjoyment Center

      High-Definition Entertainment in a Box

      The EeeBox PC EB1505 features a slot-load optical disc drive (ODD) to let you enjoy multimedia content on your LCD TV. With HDMI and Full HD 1080p support, the ASUS EB1505 brings you into a spectacular colorful world of entertainment.

      Powerful Intel® Celeron® CPU for Optimized Visuals

      With Intel® Celeron® 847 Dual Core CPU, the ASUS EB1505 delivers quality visuals giving you advanced video enjoyment.

      Built-in NVIDIA Graphics for Optimized Visuals

      Smart Connectivity for High Productivity

      Rich I/O ports – Ease of Use

      ASUS EeeBox PC EB1505 features an array of I/O ports to cater to a variety of devices, and includes USB 3.0 for instant file sharing. With data transfer speeds that are up to 10 times that of USB 2.0, you can easily share large movie or video files. The USB 3.0 quick charging function also charges your mobile devices faster.

      Rich I/O ports – Ease of Use