Rack-Optimized solution with excellent thermal efficiency

    The ASUS Z9PR-D12 serverboard is able to provide an ideal foundation for reliable performance and upgrades in the future. Through ASUS’ innovative design, the Z9PR-D12 supports AHCI/ PIKE storage and dual Intel LAN ports, and provides high I/O expandability. Moreover, the ASMB6 let users obtain high manageability. It is ideal for entry socket 2011 applications, IP data center, social network data center, web hosting, rack-optimized server and other general purpose applications.
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      Lean & Cool Design Romley Socket 2011 Serverboard

      Lean and Cool Design for Rack-optimized Solutions

      With the CPU and memory in front parallel design, the Z9PR-D12 provides excellent thermal efficiency by smooth air ventilation, making it rack optimized and suitable for data center.

      7 Expansion Slots Support

      The Z9PR-D12 provides high expandability with 7 expansion slots, including 6 PCI-E G3 x8 slots (x8 link) and 1 x PCI-E G3 x16 slot (x16 link, switch to x8 link automatically if the slot 5 is occupied), meeting the demand of future expansion. In addition, there is also a propriety slot for ASUS PIKE SAS RAID Upgrade kit.

      Cutting-edge Architecture

      The Z9PR-D12 supports new generation Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family. With 12 DIMM sockets on board, the serverboard supports DDR3 1333/1600 RDIMM/UDIMM up to 384GB memory capacity, providing high computing capability. Additionally, there are more PCI-E lanes with PCI-E gen 3 support, which is suitable for the systems that require high I/O connectivity and bandwidth and supports more PCI-E devices.

      Complete Storage Solution Supported

      The Z9PR-D12 is built with SATA solutions from C602 PCH, which supports the latest SATA 6G technology. While the ASUS optional PIKE providing slim-sized and flexible storage options, direct SAS RAID upgrades can be achieved directly via a unique slot—without sacrificing expansion capability. The ASUS PIKE further provides customers with multiple I/O solutions and RAID functions; and is cost effective for customers.

      Onboard ASMB6 for Easy Troubleshooting

      The ASMB6 enables dashboard and monitor system health, remote power on /off and control, virtual media over LAN and network bonding support. In addition, the ASMB6 function is based on BIOS-level access; thus even if the server OS is down, the KVM module is still able to provide around-the-clock remote monitor and diagnosis through a user-friendly GUI (Web-based Graphical User Interface).