ROG Intelligent Cooling Mini-Fridge is folating in air with a dark blue background.

ROG Intelligent Cooling Mini-Fridge W/Advanced AI*

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ROG Intelligent Cooling

ROG Intelligent Cooling has been the culmination of over a decade of research and design to curate the perfect combination of cooling technologies for each machine. The ROG Intelligent Cooling Fridge Powered by Advanced AI takes this a step further to take cooling to the extreme.

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Advanced AI,
to the Molecular Level

AI has grown to become an integral part of our daily lives in the world of next-generation technology. That is why the ROG Intelligent Cooling Fridge, Powered by Advanced AI, takes the latest in AI technology to ensure your fridge is always performing to the maximum efficiency. Using this prototype AI system, we can detect the fridge's contents, down to the molecular level, to ensure that each item stored receives cooling at the optimal temperatures and flow.

View of a computer generated graphic of a circuit board, a micro chip is placed in the middle with a glowing AI text.

More RGB, More Power

Dare we say, it’s lit? Customizable to over 13.8 billion colors, the ROG Intelligent Cooling Fridge Powered by Advanced AI is decked out with RGB lights to not just give each fridge a unique aesthetic, but to provide your fridge with significantly more power and improved performance! 

View of dekstop PC components running with RGB lighting.

Curated Recipes, AI Powered

Thanks to the Advanced AI technology, the fridge can send recipes straight to your computer or mobile phone based off of your fridge’s contents! The ROG Intelligent Cooling Fridge Powered by Advanced AI brings a whole new meaning to smart fridges – all you need to do is hold up and let it cook!

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Mega Extreme Mobile External Reminders

The Mega Extreme Mobile External Reminder technology (abbreviated “M.E.M.E.R”) uses the advanced AI recognition to send vital data and information directly to your mobile device! The M.E.M.E.R. can be used to remotely track the contents of your fridge, and even send you curated shopping lists based on favorite stocked items that are no longer detected by the M.E.M.E.R.

Image of a man holding a ROG phone in profile view. A notification icon graphic is placed on the phone.

Custom Personalities

Sometimes gaming can get a little lonely… But be lonely no more thanks to the ROG Intelligent Cooling Fridge Powered by Advanced AI’s personality portfolio! Over time, it will learn your preferred communication styles and develop a personality of its own to become your right-hand-fridge and your duo queue partner for life!

With computer graphic of world map and data analytics in the background, computer genterated polygon mesh is placed on top of a profile view of a woman's face.
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Release date TBD – follow us for more info! Looking to get your hands on a standard edition ROG Intelligent Cooling Mini-Fridge?
*Happy April Fools Day everyone! While the ROG Intelligent Cooling Fridge Powered by Advanced AI is not a real product and is created solely as an April Fools Day joke, you can still enter to win one (1) of five (5) ROG x Intel themed 2.6 cubic foot mini-fridges! All information displayed related to the ROG Intelligent Cooling Mini-Fridge Powered by Advanced AI is meant to be comedic in nature in the spirit of April Fools and is not representative of the current and/or future products, technologies, and/or services of ASUS and ASUS ROG. Please read the giveaway Terms and Conditions for the full contest rules and regulations prior to entering.