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ScreenPad 2.0 is the revolutionary secondary touchscreen that enhances productivity and allows for more efficient workflow. Your two displays will work seamlessly together, with adaptive apps, lots of handy tools and effortless window management. ScreenPad is the ultimate enhancement for your creative workflow.

ScreenPad is a great way to optimize your personal workflow. You can enhance your entertainment by playing back music or videos on ScreenPad, or use social apps or chat boxes without interrupting your main workspace. Discover even more compatible apps and customize your workflow however you wish!

ZenBook Series with ScreenPad

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ZenBook 14
A compact and elegant laptop,
with a 14" display.

ZenBook Series with ScreenPad Plus

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ZenBook Pro Duo UX581
A dual 4K touchscreen laptop,
with a 15" display.
ZenBook Duo UX481
A dual touchscreen laptop,
with a 14" display.

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