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ScreenPad Plus & ScreenPadThe Intelligent Touchpads

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ScreenPad Plus, a unique full-width touchscreen, and ScreenPad 2.0, a secondary 5.65-inch touchscreen, are designed to give you the ultimate edge in workflow efficiency. The ultra-powerful ScreenPad allows you to manage tasks on the main display while using the secondary display for extra toolbars, multiple cross-references and companion apps – all at the same time!

ScreenPad gives you on-the-go computing like you’ve never experienced before, giving you the ultimate edge.

"Measuring 14-inches, ScreenPad Plus unlocks a level of multitasking that's yet to be seen, it even surpasses last year’s Zenbook Pro 15." - Toms Guide, Zenbook Pro Duo, 05/2019

Zenbook Series with ScreenPad Plus

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Zenbook Pro Duo UX581
A dual 4K touchscreen laptop,
with a 15" display.
Zenbook Duo UX481
A dual touchscreen laptop,
with a 14" display.

Zenbook Series with ScreenPad

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Zenbook 14
A compact and elegant laptop,
with a 14" display.

VivoBook Series with ScreenPad

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VivoBook S15
A colourful ultraportable laptop,
with a 15" display.

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