[Desktop/AIO] Using USB 3 and 2.4GHz USB wireless device at the same time may cause radio frequency interference

In some circumstances, when using USB 3 devices (hard drives or flash drives) and 2.4GHz USB wireless devices (for example, wireless mouse, keyboard, or headphone) at the same time, 

USB 3 device radio frequency interference may have impact on 2.4GHz USB wireless devices, and cause a drop in throughput on the wireless transmission.

User may feel delayed response to mouse or keyboard inputs, missing keyboard characters or mouse commands, decreased operating distance between the 2.4GHz USB wireless device and its receiver.

Please refer to the following ways which help reduce this radio frequency interference.

  • If your PC has more than two USB ports, please connect the 2.4GHz USB wireless device to the USB 2.0 port and try to avoid using the USB 2.0 port next to the USB 3 port.

The above pictures are reference. Please refer to your model’s user manual for the port position.