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    ROG Delta Core

    Gold award

    Saound quality is excellent ! Without a doubt, it crushes competition around 100€ and is better than any other headphone from PC world. [...] It is particularly well balanced and does not need any tweaking for any usage. Music, movies, games, it is great everywhere. Microphone is also very good with very efficient ambien noise cancelling. PCUpdate

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    TUF Gaming H5

    DD´s Recommended

    It's a decent headset that will delight mainly players and fans of more decent game design. With sound, it fits into the crowd at this price level, it does not hurt, but if you're looking for the best, a few audio details are missing, unfortunately like most of headphones not only in this middle class. Nonetheless, the sound is not wrong and definitely belongs to the above-average. Versatility, solid bass and pair of microphones definitely make the costumer happy. plus

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    ROG Delta

    4 out of 5

    Designed to work with the latest devices, this gaming headset offers good balanced audio for games, music and videos. plus Straits Times
    Straits Times