ROG RYUJIN 360

    DD´s Recommended

    If you are buying heating Intel Core i9 processor, you will appreciate the 360mm version. If you can fit in the case. You will also appreciate it with RYZEN 9 or ThreadRipper. Not only is it of course one of the most powerful AIO coolers on the market, it also helps to cool the CPU environment and provides measurably lower CPU and VRM temperatures than virtually any other AiO on the market. And it is not doing badly at all in terms of noise, when he can be very quiet. plus

    ROG RYUJIN 240

    Innovative Design

    The Asus ROG Ryujin is a good, but naturally luxurious AIO solution at a price of 1400 lira, which can be preferred for those who prioritize something luxurious but beautiful like maximum silence and display. plus Donanım Haber
    Donanım Haber