Real-time IT monitoring and management software

Version: 01.06.15

We encourage all users who have purchased ASUS Control Center Express to download and re-deploy the latest version (01.06.15) to consoles and client devices to ensure the best performance and the most efficient management. * For step-by-step update instructions, please refer to chapter 3.2.7 in the user manual.

Why choose ASUS Control Center Express?

ASUS Control Center Express is a real-time IT monitoring and management tool designed for business that improves productivity and enhances security, helping prevent unauthorized access and data leaks. The intuitive dashboard enables easy, real-time hardware and software management across your organization. Purchase of an ASUS Corporate Stable Model, Pro and ProArt motherboard entitles you to a copy of Control Center Express – a US$60 value.

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Easier Multi-device Management

Smart Dashboards

The smart dashboard combines multiple views of real-time information to provide richer insights and visualize activity feeds and offers troubleshooting alerts and event logs to help you keep track of all devices in your network. You can quickly find and navigate devices of interest with smart search functionality, offering better visibility for faster deployment when controlling settings on multiple devices.

Floor Plan View

Floor plan view is an innovative feature for visualizing deployments of all devices for real-time monitoring. Different from the list format in traditional IT management software, you can easily customize your view by importing a layout image of your environment — even a hand drawing — and add online/offline status shortcut icons to any asset with just a few clicks for real-time control.

Automatic IP detection

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual installation of many devices. This new function of ASUS Control Center Express lets you scan and map the IP addresses of all available devices in your network with full detail in seconds. You can then select and deploy just the devices you want, providing faster installations and improving IT operational efficiency.

Hardware & Software Monitoring

ASUS Control Center Express offers real-time information of hardware, software, utilization and connections of all devices for identifying system failure to reduce outage risks and efficiently improve productivity. Detailed hardware information, such as system temperatures, fans, voltages and hardware status — including graphics cards — are available at a glance.

Device Management

Consistent IT management enables you to consolidate all of the assets across your network. ASUS Control Center Express allows you to get comprehensive software and hardware information with power, security, task scheduler and reporting functions on all devices. Access to the BIOS and OS reinstallation in hardware mode* when devices are not in an OS environment are available for remotely troubleshooting crashes or unexpected shutdowns.

* Requires a connection to a management LAN port supporting RTL 8117 LAN IC for BIOS and OS reinstallation in hardware mode.


Security is exceptionally vital in any business environment. ASUS Control Center Express allows you to securely control unauthorized system access by providing remote disablement of the Registry Editor, blocking USB storage for all devices and providing automatic reboots via watchdog programs. A software blacklist is also available to prevent running of high-risk applications for IT security.

Settings Migrator

If you are already an ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program user with ASUS Control Center installed, the settings migrator is designed to transfer all your existing configurations and device data to ASUS Control Center Express in just a few steps. Learn more in the user manual.

100+ ASUS Motherboards Compatible

ASUS Control Center Express is not simply IT management software. Compatible with over 100+ ASUS CSM motherboards, workstation motherboards, business motherboards backed by a strong partner network, it is the most interchangeable IT management software on the market, enabling solutions providers to perform easy deployments and updates across many vertical markets.


ASUS Motherboards Compatible