Ten judges photo from the ASUS ProArtist Awards jury panel

Meet the judges

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts representing a wide range of creative fields, including professionals, industry leaders, and high-profile content creators.

Renowned content creators

Jordi Koalitic & Arnau Koalitic
Jazza (Josiah Brooks)
Benny Productions
Matti Haapoja
Ducky3D (Nathan Duck)

Professional industry leaders

Terry White

Principal Director, Worldwide Adobe Evangelist

Siew Hong Lum

Lead Concept Artist at Passion Republic

Jacob & Katie Schwarz

Film and Commercial Directors and 8K Video Creators

Ryogo Toyoda

3D Illustrator and Motion Designer

Representatives of
ArtCenter College of Design

Ann Cutting

Associate Professor in the Photography and Imaging Department

Sean Adams

Chair of Undergraduate and Graduate Graphic Design

Ross LaManna

Chair of the Undergraduate and Graduate Film Departments

ASUS team professionals

Mitch Yang

ASUS Chief Design Officer

Winnie Fu

Senior Director of ASUS Design Center

Jen Chuang

ASUS Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships