Category Winners3

First Place

Second Place

People’s Choice Awards


US$ 10,000

US$ 5,000

ASUS Hardware1

ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED H5600 (US$ 3299)
or Zenbook Pro Duo UX582 (US$ 2799)
ProArt Display PA329CV (US$ 799)

ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED H5600 (US$ 3299)
or ProArt Station PD5 PD500TC (US$ 1999)
ProArt Display PA328CGV (US$ 750)

Vivobook Pro 16X OLED N7600 (US$ 1249)
or PA279CV Display (US$ 500)
ProArt Motherboard Z690 (US$ 480)

NFT listing fee rebate2 and NFT-related publicity

Future opportunity to work on ASUS projects

International exposure (featuring on ASUS and judges' websites and social media) annual membership

PANTONE® and Calibrite product bundle

ASUS ProArtist Awards certificate

About the NFT listing-fee rebate
  • NFT has transformed the digital art world by giving artists proof of ownership and wider exposure for commercial opportunities, and ASUS is here to encourage creators who have ambitions to pursue this path.
  • To give winning entries financial aid for exposure on a bigger platform, ASUS will assist winners financially to list their winning artwork on an NFT platform as one of the award prizes. ASUS will not force the winners to list NFT against their will. The winners have the right to decide whether to list their winning artwork on any NFT platform.
  • The listing-fee rebate only includes the gas fee occurred when listing and is non-mandatory — entrants can choose whether to take advantage of the rebate or not.
  • ASUS will not create an NFT account on behalf of winners and will not represent winners or list their winning design pieces on NFT platforms under different names. ASUS will not profit from any of the NFT actions, including any future profit made from the entries.

Lucky Draw Winners3

One lucky entrant in each category

Four lucky voters


ASUS Hardware1

ProArt Portable Display PA148CTV (US$ 391)
or ProArt Motherboard B660 (US$ 240)
or ProArt Mouse & ProArt Mouse pad (US$159)

ProArt Display PA248QV (US$219)
or ProArt Motherboard B550-CREATOR (US$ 300)
or ProArt Mouse & ProArt Mouse pad (US$159) annual membership

(for one entrant only)

(for one entrant only)

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